king Street Clean Out Affordable Hauling Charleston

king Street Clean Out Affordable Hauling Charleston


King Street Clean Up Affordable Hauling

Affordable hauling cleaned out the attic third floor and second floor filled with heavy items out of a 200-year-old building on King Street including these 500+ pound concrete lined steel cabinets down three flights of stairs and that was after loading 10 dump truck loads of debris from the building cleanout!!!

Truck Drives Into Applebees Restaurant North Charleston | Emergency Clean Up | Affordable Hauling

Truck Drives Into Applebee’s Restaurant in North Charleston

Truck Drives Into Applebees North Charleston

At approximately 2:40PM Saturday March 19th a driver was traveling East on Ashley Phosphate in North Charleston. Its not confirmed as to what happened, but Channel News 2 reported the driver has some type of medical event that may have caused him to hit several others vehicles then ran off the road and through the Sunoco Gas Station parking lot before crashing into the side of Applebee’s restaurant on Ashley Phosphate.

Damaged Car After Truck Hit Vehicle Applebees Restaurant

According to the report, no one inside was  hurt. However Police say several people were injured in other vehicles involved and sent to the hospital for treatment.

Affordable Hauling was called in for an emergency clean up for Applebees. When you need an emergency clean up after such a horrible accident at least you can count on someone local to help out.

Thank you Affordable for your fast response. Call 843-821-6110


Applebees Restaurant Has Truck Hit Side Of Building | North Charleston Accident | Emergency Clean Up.

Applebee’s Restaurant Has Truck Hit Building North Charleston



Business Relocation Charleston To Atlanta GA

Business Relocation Charleston To Atlanta GA

Business Relocation Charleston To Atlanta GA. Today affordable hauling travels to Atlanta to do yet another Business relocation job for their longtime customers and friends friends at the Davita dialysis clinics.

Closing down these facilities not only involves relocating the entire contents but also dismantling water filtration rooms and all associated equipment and piping,
removing signs from inside and outside the building and leaving it completely cleaned out empty and swept clean.

Affordable Hauling has done work for Davita for the last eight years all over the southeast and can relocate your business, close down the whole building and leave nothing behind.
WHATEVER IT TAKES and in some circumstances WHEREVER IT TAKES!

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Mobile Home Demolition Charleston

Mobile Home Demolition Charleston


Affordable Hauling is the Number one place to get any and all types of demolition jobs done. Below is a clear example of a Mobile home that needed to be completely cleared off the land. Our expert team did it in no time. We cleared the debris and everything connected to it.

Mobile Home Demolition Charleston Before

And now after. Perfect!!

Mobile Home Demolistion charleston After

Now you see it now you don’t. Affordable Hauling in Demolition Knocked down a Mobile Home that was metamorphosis into a house with two roofs, and a fireplace.

The mobile home was in place for over 40 years and was completely gone within 2 days. Our team is prepared for every type of demolition you can thing of. Give us a call today.

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Flood Renovation Charleston

Flood Renovation Charleston

Debris Removal Flood Renovation

Flood Renovation, Debris, or other material.

Flood Debris Removed From Anywhere
Landscaping, Clearing, and Trimming Debris

House and Attic Cleanouts – Household Items and Appliances

Concrete and Asphalt Removal

Remove Sheds

We Have Everything From Pickup Trucks to Dump Trucks

10 to 40 Yard Dumpsters Delivered and Picked Up

Ask About Special Package Prices Available on Dumpsters

No Surprise Charges

Dialysis Clinic Relocation Greenville SC

Business Relocation Greenville SC

This weekend we relocated a dialysis clinic in Greenville SC, transforming it from a fully equipped functioning clinic with patients in it for half the day to being 100% relocated to its new location and some of the equipment sent to other area locations.

$900,000 in dialysis machines were moved along with entire contents of building. Dumpsters on site for debris and recycling, Building completely closed down, all signs removed/swept clean. ENTIRE water filtration system completely disassembled and removed,
an outbuilding demolished and more!

They were fully ready to operate Monday morning at their new location!

25 Year Old Debris Removed From Hurricane Hugo!

25 Year Old Debris Removed From Hurricane Hugo!


Yard Debris Charleston

Today we had to remove two sections of 30-year-old chain-link fence in order to access a customer’s backyard to trim a tree and remove debris that had been there since hurricane Hugo!

The 30-year-old fence went back together with difficulty but in the end it was as if we never took it apart.

At Affordable Hauling, we do it all. Anything to do with truck service and even labor problems you may have. Just give is a call today.


25 Year Old Debris Removed From Hurricane Hugo