king Street Clean Out Affordable Hauling Charleston

king Street Clean Out Affordable Hauling Charleston


King Street Clean Up Affordable Hauling

Affordable hauling cleaned out the attic third floor and second floor filled with heavy items out of a 200-year-old building on King Street including these 500+ pound concrete lined steel cabinets down three flights of stairs and that was after loading 10 dump truck loads of debris from the building cleanout!!!

Truck Drives Into Applebees Restaurant North Charleston | Emergency Clean Up | Affordable Hauling

Truck Drives Into Applebee’s Restaurant in North Charleston

Truck Drives Into Applebees North Charleston

At approximately 2:40PM Saturday March 19th a driver was traveling East on Ashley Phosphate in North Charleston. Its not confirmed as to what happened, but Channel News 2 reported the driver has some type of medical event that may have caused him to hit several others vehicles then ran off the road and through the Sunoco Gas Station parking lot before crashing into the side of Applebee’s restaurant on Ashley Phosphate.

Damaged Car After Truck Hit Vehicle Applebees Restaurant

According to the report, no one inside was  hurt. However Police say several people were injured in other vehicles involved and sent to the hospital for treatment.

Affordable Hauling was called in for an emergency clean up for Applebees. When you need an emergency clean up after such a horrible accident at least you can count on someone local to help out.

Thank you Affordable for your fast response. Call 843-821-6110


Applebees Restaurant Has Truck Hit Side Of Building | North Charleston Accident | Emergency Clean Up.

Applebee’s Restaurant Has Truck Hit Building North Charleston



Landscaping Turf And Shrub Fertilization

Turf And Shrub Fertilization

Turf and Shrub Fertilization – Healthy turf, trees, and shrubs increase the value of your property and are more resistant to drought, disease and pests. The proper fertilizer can increase the vigor of your valuable landscape plants, but the wrong fertilizer can damage plants, encourage disease and pollute groundwater.

All plants and turf need certain nutrients to grow and thrive. There are 17 elements needed for growth. Plants acquire oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, which are found in the air, and micro- and macronutrients that are absorbed from the soil. Macronutrients, those required in larger amounts, include nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous and sulfur.

Micronutrients include iron, zinc, molybdenum, manganese, boron, copper, cobalt and chlorine. Spring is the optimum time to fertilize all turf, trees and shrubs. If you are planting trees or shrubs in early spring, apply a small amount of slow-release fertilizer 6 to 8 weeks after planting. For established trees and shrubs, an early spring application of fertilizer based on your soil test is best.

If your soil is sandy, you may need to make an additional application, especially during a wet growing season. Do not fertilize during periods of drought because it will encourage water-demanding new growth.

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Landscaping Company.

Landscaping Tree Pruning Removal and Stump Grinding

Landscaping Tree Pruning Removal and Stump Grinding:

Tree Pruning, Removal, and Stump Grinding:

Pruning: The importance of tree pruning is best handled by one of our skilled tree experts. Our certified arborists direct the process, ensuring safe practices and healthy trees that grow to their full potential.

Pruning options range from thinning the canopy throughout to allow light and air to move through the tree, crown raising to remove just lower limbs, reduction cuts that reduce the size (length) of limbs and the tree for construction clearance and to prevent damage to existing homes, and crown cleaning to remove dead, dying diseased or dangerous branches.

Young trees get attention, too. Developmental pruning techniques are utilized to ensure that young trees grow and develop with proper limb structure into healthy, beautiful specimen trees in the urban forest.

Removal: Hazardous trees – those that possess a potential to fail and cause property damage or personal injury– are simply too dangerous to leave. Dead or dying trees – and those in the way of new construction will require safe, expert removal by licensed and insured experts.

Our arborist take care to not only bring the tree down safely, but to remove its existence thoroughly. Once down, stump grinding prevents new growth, not to mention immediate use of the area the stump once occupied. And if required, chipping not only eliminates the waste, but provides recycled mulch.

Stump Removal: Once a hazardous or unwanted tree has been removed, the stump that is left behind can be unsightly and take up valuable space on your property. Stumps of some species of trees may even re-sprout and grow into multiple trees. Stump grinding is the most effective way to remove stumps and minimize the effects to the surrounding landscaping.

The stump grinder we use is light, maneuverable, and allows us to remove stumps in backyards, through gates, and other areas where access is limited. Once the stump is removed, the space becomes useable again to plant a new tree.

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Landscaping Sod Installation

Landscaping Sod Installation Charleston

Sod Installation – With acres of turf installed we have the experience and knowledge necessary to install a lawn which will be successful for decades. The sodding process begins with irrigation installation, grading, and soil amendments.

Once the infrastructure is in place we install the correct sod for your needs. Our staff educates you on warm season turfs such as ‘Palmetto’ St. Augustine, Centipede, Zoysia or Bermuda so that you can choose the best sod for your family and lifestyle.

After installation, we can provide you with a detailed lawn treatment program to keep your lawn healthy and weed free.

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Landscaping Pine Straw And Mulch

Landscaping Pine straw And Mulch

Pine straw and Mulch – Pine straw and Mulch is an essential component of a landscape. Not only is it great for curb appeal but there many beneficial factors as well. It helps retain moisture as well as keeping your ground temperature cooler by having a barrier to protect from direct sunlight.

Mulch and pine straw is usually applied twice a year to give you the most visually appealing property that you neighbors will envy. There are many options of mulch you can choose from such as brown cypress, black mulch, red mulch, natural mulch, and DHEC approved playground mulch (required by child care facilities and schools).

There is two options for pine straw Long Needle and Slash. Long needle is the highest of quality, vibrantly bright in color and clean thoroughly prior to being bailed. Slash is the cheaper of the two and the strands of pine straw are smaller due to the bailing process used. When we applying pine straw we tuck our edges manually which is the proper installation method to give you the most pristine look.

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Landscaping Mole Treatments

Landscaping Mole Treatments

Mole Treatments – Mole activity can wreak havoc in the yard, not because they eat up everything (they usually feed on worms or grubs) but because their mounded tunnels are often used by other burrowing pests.

Moles, for the most part, are quite harmless to your plants. However, their tunnels can become unsightly when there’s enough of them. We use two methods to remove them baiting and granular applications. Contact us for a free estimate.

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Landscaping Metal And Stone Edging

Landscaping Metal And Stone Edging

Metal Edging: Steel edging provides a lasting landscape edging for lawns, gardens, and work sites in commercial and residential projects. Steel metal edging provides the ideal lawn edging or garden edging because of its strength, durability, and flexibility.

The appearance of metal edging accents landscapes with clean lines and minimal intrusion of turf and great for holding in stone on walkways and patios. It will not rot or become brittle in cold weather. The edging resists frost heave, ground movement, and withstands routine landscape maintenance.

Stone Edging: Stone edging provides a functional solution for outlining patios, walkways, gardens and other landscape elements. You can use it alone or as the perfect complement to pavers and walls. Stone borders are long-lasting, require little or no maintenance and are a perfect partner for your flowers or plants.

Landscaping Drainage Problems And Installation

Landscaping Drainage Problems And Installation

Drainage – We have literally installed miles of drainage for our clients. Poorly drained soils and drainage problems are challenges which we confront on a daily basis. Good drainage is essential to the health of your home and landscape.

We use multiple products and techniques to solve some extremely challenging drainage problems such as installing french drains, coupling to existing downspouts, improving grading, introducing swales, installing inlet boxes, etc. Whether you have a simple drainage problem or a complex situation, feel free to contact us to set up a meeting at your property to propose a solution.

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Landscaping Cotton Bur Top Dressing

Landscaping Cotton Bur Top Dressing:

Cotton Bur Top Dressing:

Cotton Bur Compost is truly nature’s perfect soil conditioner. When properly composted, cotton burrs are an excellent food source for the beneficial soil organisms that help to make nutrients available to plants, aerate the soil, and help to keep harmful organisms and dieseases in check.

Cotton Burr Compost has excellent mositure-retention characteristics and is prized for its ability to break up tight clay soils. Regular cotton burr compost helps to neutralize soil pH, and if additional acidification is needed, our acidified products contain sulfur, the longest lasting elemental acidifier. Cotton bur compost is great for turf, bushes, trees, and flower beds.