Landscaping Tree Pruning Removal and Stump Grinding

Landscaping Tree Pruning Removal and Stump Grinding

Landscaping Tree Pruning Removal and Stump Grinding:

Tree Pruning, Removal, and Stump Grinding:

Pruning: The importance of tree pruning is best handled by one of our skilled tree experts. Our certified arborists direct the process, ensuring safe practices and healthy trees that grow to their full potential.

Pruning options range from thinning the canopy throughout to allow light and air to move through the tree, crown raising to remove just lower limbs, reduction cuts that reduce the size (length) of limbs and the tree for construction clearance and to prevent damage to existing homes, and crown cleaning to remove dead, dying diseased or dangerous branches.

Young trees get attention, too. Developmental pruning techniques are utilized to ensure that young trees grow and develop with proper limb structure into healthy, beautiful specimen trees in the urban forest.

Removal: Hazardous trees – those that possess a potential to fail and cause property damage or personal injury– are simply too dangerous to leave. Dead or dying trees – and those in the way of new construction will require safe, expert removal by licensed and insured experts.

Our arborist take care to not only bring the tree down safely, but to remove its existence thoroughly. Once down, stump grinding prevents new growth, not to mention immediate use of the area the stump once occupied. And if required, chipping not only eliminates the waste, but provides recycled mulch.

Stump Removal: Once a hazardous or unwanted tree has been removed, the stump that is left behind can be unsightly and take up valuable space on your property. Stumps of some species of trees may even re-sprout and grow into multiple trees. Stump grinding is the most effective way to remove stumps and minimize the effects to the surrounding landscaping.

The stump grinder we use is light, maneuverable, and allows us to remove stumps in backyards, through gates, and other areas where access is limited. Once the stump is removed, the space becomes useable again to plant a new tree.

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