“When Do I Apply Pine Straw And Mulch To My Yard In Charleston”

Landscaping Pine Straw And Mulch

Landscaping Pine straw And Mulch

Pine straw and Mulch – Pine straw and Mulch is an essential component of a landscape. Not only is it great for curb appeal but there many beneficial factors as well. It helps retain moisture as well as keeping your ground temperature cooler by having a barrier to protect from direct sunlight.

Mulch and pine straw is usually applied twice a year to give you the most visually appealing property that you neighbors will envy. There are many options of mulch you can choose from such as brown cypress, black mulch, red mulch, natural mulch, and DHEC approved playground mulch (required by child care facilities and schools).

There is two options for pine straw Long Needle and Slash. Long needle is the highest of quality, vibrantly bright in color and clean thoroughly prior to being bailed. Slash is the cheaper of the two and the strands of pine straw are smaller due to the bailing process used. When we applying pine straw we tuck our edges manually which is the proper installation method to give you the most pristine look.

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